Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy MJK Day!

Sample mix to celebrate:

Momma Sed
3 Libras
Sour Grapes
The Humbling River
Vagina Mine

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Puscifer Spring Tour (Mounting Excitement Pt. 1)

I remember when the only thing that existed on was a photo of him giving the peace sign in a black hoodie saying that this would be the future home of MJK. Then we got the Cuntry Boner video linking to It seemed like Maynard's new project was going to be a joke band of sorts. And it sort of is. The Cuntry Boner single and ensuing album, "V" is for Vagina led the casual observer to the conclusion that this would be Maynard's outlet for dick and fart jokes. And it sort of is. However, like almost everything else he's put his name on, there are far more layers to this onion. Even on this album, beautiful melodies on songs like Momma Sed, Vagina Mine and Rev 22:20 (Dry Martini Mix) take multiple examinations of the lyrics to even begin to understand what Maynard is trying to describe.

I remember being the only person standing in line at midnight at my local record store for the release of the album. Other people there were waiting for the new Britney Spears album, and I naively asked if they were waiting for Puscifer. "What?"s and puzzled glances ensued. What I can't remember is if my ravenous consumption of this album stemmed from my lack-of-new-maynard material or an actual interest. However, a few weeks later, "V" is for Vagina went to the back of my CD collection.

Then, unannounced, a new song, "The Mission", featuring a female vocalist appeared on Again, I remember not being taken aback by the song, but liked it enough for it to get rotation on my iPod.

Like most bands, the thing that really got me locked into Puscifer was the release of the live tracks. DoZo and Momma Sed, live from Puscifer's first stretch of shows at The Pearl in Las Vegas immediately rekindled my interest in the band. The promise of a live version of Vagina Mine on the then upcoming digital E.P., "C" is for (Insert Sophomoric Genetalia Reference Here) began to whet my musical whistle for what as to come. I fell in love with "The Mission" even though it had been available for almost a year on the website. I couldn't wait for the tour to reach the northeast. However, as Maynard is located in the southwest, this is where he began the touring act, bringing Puscifer from Texas up the West Coast. Amidst my disappointment, Maynard had made mention to us East Siders that he will be coming in the spring, momentarily ebbing my depression.

Shortly before Christmas, the East Coast tour was announced.